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Winjet variShape LF600
Digital Label Finishers
  • Roll-to-Roll Label Die Cutter
  • 1 Plotting Knife as the Digital Dies
  • Speed: 600 mm/sec
  • Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw Supported
variShape LF600lw Digital Label Finisher Brochure (English)
Winjet variShape LF600 Series -The Digital Label Finishers
Producing Short-Run Labels on Demand

Winjet VariShape series provide a total label finishing solution for highly customized labels with one device.  The finisher includes several stations: lamination, free-form cutting, waste matrix removal and slitting.  The workflow for the users will be: preparing the printed web, setting up on the finisher, sending the digital die-cut files from their computers to the finishers, and waiting for the complete label web.


Laminating station is an optinal feature to enhance the weather resistance or to produce glossy appearances.  


Digital Die Cutter

The cutting station has a knife which moves along the label outlines designed by the users as the digital dies.  And the label outlines are determined by the users with Adobe IllustratorTM or CorelDrawTM, which are widely use for graphic designs.  It means the users can design the label graphics and the label shapes with software instead of matching and tuning accross the softwares to match the die designs with the actual printed webs.  Therefore, it saves the costs for prepare/maintain the dies and shorten the lead times significantly.

Waste Matrix Removal

If the labels will be sent to an label applicator, waste matrix removal will be a must to get the labels ready for the upcoming process. 


Compared with cut sheets, continuous forms avoid page missing during operation process better. Also, machines usually have more tolerance regarding to thickness of continuous media than cut-sheet media. And there are more finishing systems that works with continuous forms as well.

Product Specifications
FeaturesLamination, digital die cutting, waste removal & slitting
Cutting AreaMax. 300 mm (W) x 320 mm (L) per page
Media Width140 - 320 mm
Cutting ForceMax. 4.41 N (450 gf) in 38 steps
Cutting Speed600 mm/sec
Supported SoftwaresCorelDrawTM 10 to X7; Adobe IllustratorTM CS to CC(2015)
  *All specifications are subject to change without notice.